So yesterday, I lost my debit card. This wouldn’t have been too big of a deal if it wasn’t Christmas time and if I didn’t need to use it…but it is, and I did. I had planned to get gas (because I was literally on empty) and go Christmas shopping for my family today, but then I lost my debit card….which contained all of my money…which would allow me to get gas and go Christmas shopping. Do you see my problem here?

I looked for my card for two hours–of course, nowhere to be found. Then my dad got home from work, and right away, he offered to help me look for it. God bless him–he was probably exhausted from work all day and wanted to sit down, but he still helped me out. And we couldn’t find it anywhere!! I started to see all of my plans for the next day crumble, and I immediately started to stress over not having gas but having to drive around, and not being able to buy my family presents like I had planned to.

Later last night I was driving to a meeting, and as I was driving, I was thinking about my current situation. I felt like I was just dwelling on my stress–I had set up camp and started living in it. Then a still, small voice said, “pray.” I immediately put my guard up. “I’m not praying about that!“, I thought. “I mean, that’s just silly. The God of the universe doesn’t need to worry about my stupid debit card that I’m stressed about.” But again, the small voice said, “pray.”

So I did. And I felt ridiculous, to be quite honest! Compared to all of the big things happening in the world, my problem felt so small and unworthy of God’s time. But I prayed anyway.

Fast forward to today–my grandpa lives just a few blocks away, and I stopped on my way home from running some errands to visit him. As we were sitting there talking, he asked if I would take him to the mall to go Christmas shopping. Of course, I said yes. Now here’s the cool part–on our way home, he told me to stop at the gas station, and he filled up my car with gas! As far as Christmas shopping goes, my dad generously lent me his debit card so that I could buy gifts! No, I didn’t find my debit card, but God came through and eased every stress I had.

The point of this story is that God ALWAYS shows up for his children. Like my own father offered to drop everything and help me look for my card, our Heavenly Father drops everything to be there for His children. We always hear the saying, “nothing is too big for God,” but I feel like sometimes we forget that nothing is too small for Him, either–not even the smallest, silliest things. Those things that you think are too small or too silly or too irrelevant or too unworthy of His attention? He wants to know. He wants to listen, and He WANTS to show up for you! He is after your heart, not just when you need a huge miracle, but even when you just lose your debit card.  🙂

With love,


 I love the LORD because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath! — Psalms 116:1-2